Market of week 9, 2017

XACT OMXS30 2017-02-26 XACT OMXS30 reached a new trending high, closing at 177.55 for the week. Market breadth is showing that 67.54% of all stocks are over MA200, 53.51% over MA50 and 39,77% over MA20. Average relative true range is at 1.9%.

Trade development

35 weeks has passed since market entry in 2016-07-04, the capital gains are so far 16.79% compared to the SIX30RX index of 18.51% much due to my own trading mistakes. Current market position is at the planned full exposure of 144%.

Exit signal

With every 5% additional market gains, the chandelier exit signal multiplier is reduced by 0.25 from the starting value of 3.00, giving up less and less of capital gains to market fluctuations. The chandelier exit indicator is thus configured with a 2.25x multiplier and is situated at 171.50.


I am feeling somewhat divided and am trying to figure out, if the price of XACT OMXS30 depreciates to 175.40, whether to exit or to let the trade continue until the price reaches the chandelier exit level. I am feeling somewhat angry at myself that I messed with the trade. I have been thinking about dividend investing rather than trading. Fortunately, I did stop myself from selling my position.